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Barnes, L.  Y.,* Lacerenza, C.N.,* & Volpone, S. D. (In Press). Becoming a Right-Hand Partner: How Lower-Power Employees Heedfully Challenge Organizational Leaders. Academy of Management Journal.

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In PLOS One’s top 10% most cited papers published in 2019

Media coverage by Yahoo!, 9NEWS, NBC News, Daily News & Analysis, Newsmax, The Indian Express, The Japan Times, The Hindustan Times, Medscape, World Economic Forum, the New Zealand Herald, and more.

 Keplinger, K., Johnson, S. K., Kirk, J. F., & Barnes, L. Y. (2019). Has Sexual Harassment at Work Decreased Since #MeToo? Harvard Business Review.

Featured in an HBR Women at Work book titled “Speak Up, Speak Out”(2022)


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